promix bx

  1. Canadijuana

    New Grower Canadijuana's first Grow, 4x4 tent, Critical + 2.0, Moby Dick XXL, Samsung F strips

    First grow! Hoping to use this thread to document the journey, and for assistance when the need arises! Looking for some wisdom! I've tried to read quite a bit before getting started but I feel there are a few things I could be doing better so feel free to provide some constructive criticism...
  2. W

    New Grower FB WCOG, Dinafem WW, Dinafem BC

    Just starting a new run, switched a few things up this time. I run two tents, a 5x5 gorilla and a 2x4 gorilla lite. Both have raptor hoods, the 5x5 runs a dual bulb with two 600w bulbs. And the 2x4 has a single 1000w hps. I am using promix bx (standard where I'm from) and I came full circle...
  3. Raoul Duke

    New Grower Raoul-Duke's First Grow, Northern Lights Auto, LEDs, Late Start

    Hello fellow AFNers. As you can see by the title this is my first real grow and I'm pretty excited about doing a journal even though I'm starting it a little late (better late than never). In any case, any and all tips are still welcome and maybe we can all learn something along this journey...
  4. K

    New Grower My second grow- Barneys Farm L.S.D and Nirvana Aurora Indica

    :vibe:Captains Bong- 9/21/15- Second Grow is officially underway, I have decided to do 1 Barney's Farm L.S.D and 1 Nirvana Aurora Indica, both are photo's and this should be a great adventure. I just dropped them in their respective containers for the 12hr soak or until they sink, then I will...