purple amnesia

  1. Jewbilee

    New Grower First Grow - Short Stuff Purple Amnesia Haze

    I started a journal at another website, much fancier in layout, but one can not compare the wealth of knowledge I have found here with the bells and whistles that attracted me there... Anyway, this is my first grow, I am in super stealth mode. My landlady will not be nosy in my business, but...
  2. Big Sur Holy

    Indoor Big Sur Holy's 4th grow- Narcotherapy & Purple Amnesia

    These seeds popped the earth on April 17, 2017, they are currently 8 weeks old. I fimmed the Narcotherapy and left the Purple alone. The Narcotherapy has five nodes collecting bud all the way down the stem and it smells wonderful. It could have used some lst, but I need the room in the tent. As...
  3. Ronin

    Indoor Purple Amnesia

    Welcome to my Auto Purple Amnesia grow. I'd like to start off by thanking Jim at Dope Seeds and Muddy here at AFN for this opportunity. Here's the info on the strain: Auto Purple Amnesia Genetic makeup - diesel/amnesia haze x critical+ indica/sativa - 50/50 Size - Medium to large, plants...