purple haze

  1. N/A-Greengo

    Mephisto Genetics Pigletta's Purple Haze, Dosidelirium & Dosidelirium X Iced 'N' Baked Limited Test Run

    :toke: Hello once again fellow Cultivators, and Connoisseurs! We are at it once again as the master crafters of Mephisto Genetics have bestowed upon me the great pleasure of testing a trio of their soon to be released cultivars.. :worship: The test subjects will be germinated in my Mars Hydro...
  2. iuca

    week 18...

    Good day all, im new to the site and wish i found it earlier ! i am new to growing, and wondering some thoughts, ive read quite a bit on a few threads on here but wanted to share a little on my story so far....my brother used to grow a lot but never autos and always hydro, anyway i have a tiny...
  3. Giant Flying Wombat

    New Grower OS Purple Haze & BCN CriticalXXL COB LED Organic Grow

    Hi All! Just want to start by saying thanks for any and all support I may receive. Great that forums like this exist so we can help each out. Hopefully one day I'll be able to dish out some advice too! So.... I'll start with the setup; 4x2x6 tent. 2 x 120 watt CFL's for seedlings. 2 x 100...
  4. M

    New Grower auto's on 2x300w cfl + shogun nutrition

    Starting grow with 2x cfl 300w (got blue, red and dual spectrum) 16 litres Rhizzo pots,coco, perlite, nutrition from shogun. got anyone experience with growing on cfl?