purple kush

  1. RQS Royal Haze Auto + Royal Highness (noauto) + others

    RQS Royal Haze Auto + Royal Highness (noauto) + others

    I'm having quite a lot of free time recently due to the recent end_of_the_world (hope not), so I decided to plant sth else besides tomatoes, beans, corn, cucumbers, ... and hokkaido squash! Bought 2 packs of seeds from RQS + get some bonus seeds (2). Germination1: Decided to use wet cotton-wool...
  2. wes

    New Grower First autoflower Grow Purple Kush

    Hello and welcome to my First autoflower grow. I am using Buddha seeds Purple Kush. I am an experienced grower but mostly outdoor. This is one of my outdoor SKxNL girls. I am using a 3x3 vivosun tent with 2 1000w equivalent triple chip LEDs, and 100cfm ventilation. Medium is Miracle Gro organic...
  3. rom3o

    Indoor Buddha Auto Purple Kush 300w LED

    Me Been growing for some time now . maybe 7 or 8 grows usually post on other sites but since me only grow autos me decide to move to this site to help share tee knowledge/research me come here to gain at times. well tee grow is buddha Auto Purple kush . 2nd time growing but last time was bad...
  4. nizmoKush

    Outdoor Mini GSC grow

    so a couple weeks back i won some seeds grape kush photo and some autos that were breed by the grower i have no clue of the auto seeds.SDxPKa (i believe theyre regular seeds but looks like this might be a female) Its on week 3 since sprouting i believe and been using some leftover jungle juice...