1. MissUniverse

    Auto Seeds Diesel Berry Smoke, vape and edible report

    SeedBank : Autoseeds Strain: Diesel berry Did it autoflower?: Y Soil/hydro: Roots organic Nutes: Gh maxigro and maxi bloom xtreme gardening mykos mykos wp and azos as well as bonicare calmag Light (kind and schedule): Mars hydro 300 led Mars hydro 600 led From seed to harvest date...
  2. Frankidelics

    Fast Buds Fast Buds' Grapefruit Smoke Report!

    Hey guys! Hope you're all well. I think it's now time that I do a smoke report for my first grow, the Grapefruit! I am smoking the very last Grapefruit joint right now, so it's kind of a spiritual moment haha! I thought it would be good to write the report while smoking the last joint, now...
  3. Madlib

    Mephisto Genetics Short Smoke Report on Auto Triangle Kush

    Auto Triangle Kush Smoke Report Just a quick word on this strain after trying it last night. Maybe I'll flesh it out more when I have the time with the proper smoke report template. The freshly ground nugs smell great, lemon & lime with a dash of fuel for good measure. Roll up a joint with Raw...