1. Ozzie Greenthumb

    New Grower (New indoor auto grower) Tangerine Dream and Sour Kush. Cheap grow!!

    Hey afn nation! I am a long time photo outdoor grower. I just switched to indoor autoflower plants. I am an hvac Master technician and a master electrician. I built my tent from giveaway ductwrap from dollar general that they use to keep their frozen food cold. (Go to local store on delivery...
  2. Tyler_Durden88

    Grow Mediums Double Grape Coco vs. Soil Grow

    I decided to do some experimenting and grow two Mephisto Double grape Autos one in soil one in Coco Coir. For the record I know that only growing one of each isn't very scientific or anything I know the strains vary in grow characteristics this is just for some fun and to see the diffrences that...
  3. MateraGaia

    Lighting Roleadro 400w conversion

    So I have 2 of these Roleadro 400w lights I'd like to upgrade. So it looks like they are running each chip off 2 36v drivers so 72v total for each chip as is. Looks like the Citizen clu048 1212 would run pretty efficient off one driver or which 72 watt chip off both drivers? So @BigSm0...
  4. Rebel

    Nutrients Rebel Tests Remo Nutrients for CannaZone

    Hello!! And all you #CannaZone watchers! Once again, I am humbled and honored to be running a perpetual test grow for #CannaZone & #RemoNutrients @RemoNutrients! They have been so gracious as to send me 9 x 1 liter bottles of their entire line! 1 x Grow 1 x Bloom 1 x...
  5. B

    Lighting Roleadro???

    Hi guys sorry just wondering anyone have any experience with this brand I'm wondering if maybe it's a old company rebranded just don't wanna invest the money if not worth it all help appreciated