sea of green

  1. TempleTrees

    Maximum pot size for < 36in/90cm high grow space

    Hello all! Im preparing for my first grow in my newly legal state. I have a 2x2 tent partially setup, and I have around 36in/90cm of total grow height from floor to as high as I can hang my led light. The light (Migro Array 2, 125W) only needs a recommended minimum distance of 8inches or 20cm...
  2. parsing_trees

    Grow Mediums Using an Autopot aquavalve for a tray of small containers of coco (SOG)?

    Do any of you have experience with using an autopot aquavalve to bottom-feed a tray of smaller containers? I want to set up automated watering, and using an aquavalve seems like a good fit because I've been bottom-feeding small containers for several grows, just watering by hand. I like that...
  3. Sawney_bean

    Indoor SAWNEY BEAN. Pssst! Over here.
    Threadmarks: SAWNEY BEAN . Breeder . Cross strain specialist.

    This is where I will post all my content.
  4. parsing_trees

    Grow Mediums Minimal runoff coco grows?

    Has anybody else here had success with zero/minimal runoff coco grows? What approaches do you use? I started out by hand-watering coco to 20% runoff every time, because the Coco for Cannabis site insisted it was required to prevent salt buildup. That quickly got old, so I set up automated...
  5. F | T |F Growery

    F | T |F Growery

    Fluidus. | Topiaria. | Fumus. Welcome to the Growery. My personal blog space where I grow and show. I like quality, I'm slightly a perfectionist, and OCD to some degree. Product testing, general runs of my favorite cultivars, maybe some preservationism, and a bunch of pictures. Love for...
  6. camith

    New Grower Sea of Green High Yielders

    Hey guys @witchyhour said i should post this question here. I am looking to do a sea of green using autos under a 1000watt MH/HPS light. I really only want high yielding strains, so far i have been looking into Moby Dick, Auto Pounder, and Rhino Rider. I am looking to get about 3 oz per plant...
  7. Growlyfe

    New Grower Top Auto Breeders

    I'm about to run a 16 plant SOG shopping with Seedsman bank just wanted to know a few breeders with quality stuff. I'm going with Mephisto and 00 for sure just want a variety of diff dank.SEA