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  1. pop22

    New Grower Spring Fever Seed Buying Frenzy! What ya buying?

    Lots of chatter on the forum about buying seed. its spring and there's money begging to be spent on seed, whether we need them or not... lol! So what have you are are you intending on buying? Post your order/wish list here! and tell us of freebies you've gotten!
  2. Rebel

    Med-Man Brand Nutrients -- Information Home Thread

    ***Copied from*** "I am proud to announce the launch of my own home made fertilizers and additives, all for 1/4 the price of all competitor products: please remember, all my nutes and additives are raw form powders. Vigorous mixing and dissolving...
  3. Rebel

    Med-Man Brand Seeds Information

    West coast sour diesel – sfu nerd clone – c afghanica – 9-10 weeks flowering – a real diesel, not the 007 or commercial beasters or sweet nyc types. smells like gas, kerosene, diesel. very potent. big yield, fast growth. charcoal filters will not mask the odor. nose will penetrate concrete...
  4. Rebel

    Who is Med Man? Weed-Seed-Feed

    About med-man brand med-man brand is a company dedicated to providing information related to hydroponic systems, seeds, fertilizer, growing crops, and optimizing growth for increased yields throughout the entire life-cycle of the plant. The med-man brand website will provide knowledge and...