1. Marthajeep

    Must read! Lst difficulties

    Hey AFN folks! It’s been over a decade since I’ve grown last and times have changed to say the least. So it’s time to grow! So I have two plants growing both around 3 weeks from germ. My setup is a 1,000w led 30” above with dimmers, my temp stays around 77 and humidity right about 50. No nutes...
  2. V

    Stunted plants on first grow, recovered. Thoughts?

    Hello AFN, I'm new to this forum and new to growing as well. I'll give you the run down on my plants before I list my grow details. I'm growing in Promix HP and when I started, I watered with 6.5 PH water up until about day 25 or so and noticed my girls were nutrient deficient and growing very...