six shooter

  1. Karloss.newbie.054

    Unsure 4 week old autos.

    Guys these are my two autos bigger one is pheonix big bud. An the cleaner lookin one is six shooter. Their 4 weeks an a few days the new leaves on the pheonix are coming threw shrivelled u do they look normal. theirin my cupboard with a humidifier on 70. The temp is 20. The soil is eco life...
  2. Karloss.newbie.054

    Scouse stoner here first closet grow

    How’s it going fellow stoners. May I present to you my first ever attempt at growing anything ever. seeds from the vault 1 x six shooter 1 x free pheonix big bud I got a £70 led light off Amazon claims to be 1200w it’s doing it’s job in veg mode at the minute I lined my wardrobe in tinfoil...
  3. D

    Bottom leaves yellowing/dying

    Bottom leaves yellowing and dying. Fast Buds 6 Shooter Fox Farms Ocean Forest Fox Farm Trio 2x4x5 Tent Ventilated 300w HiGrow
  4. N

    Outdoor autoflowers newbie

    Hey new to the site and growing was planning on growing some 6 shooters (crystal meth/Columbia air lines) autoflowers outside, will probably germinate in early June. I will be getting 14-15 hours of sunlight for my season, beginning in June and in August the sun light will obviously become...
  5. Roasty McToasty

    Roasty Tries to Rock Some Autopots!

    Hello good Autopotters, I am awaiting a delivery of a new setup (should be here tomorrow). Went with a 4 pot setup, but will probably start with just 2, as I need room to finish some Hempy's that are going. Then stagger the other 2 later, although I might need a 2nd res to pull that off. I also...
  6. J

    First AF Grow (Various Fastbuds Seeds)

  7. P J

    Most Potent non-medical auto strain?

    I have already chosen green crack and six shooter, any idea on third most potent non-medical auto strain? Thank you all for your help and concern.
  8. C

    FastBuds MG comp: The CannaDrama Tabernacle faces 3 Six Shooters

    The time has come to get mah bullet proof vest on and face the 3 six shooters that Fastbuds kindly hired to create a little hullabaloo at the Tabernacle. The gameplan......... 25 L Autopots 2 x GN HS1 and complimentary LED illumination as required 1 x Atami Lightmix, 1 x Corgy's very own and 1...
  9. C

    Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookie, West Coast OG and Six shooter grow journal

    Hi I have 3 FastBuds west coast og, 3 FastBuds Girl scout cookies and 3 FastBuds Six Shooters that were potted 1 week ago today. I am growing in a 1.2x2m black orchid tent with a 400w HPS lamp that i will replace with a 600w when they get bigger. The plants are in 15l air pots using biobizz...