1. Madness

    Live Stoners hempy growers

    Hey everyone. Just kind of was wondering if there were any hempy growers here. I've been doing my 2l hempy grow for a little bit now and was wondering if anyone has done a 2l hempy grow or just a hempy grow In general. A lot of people here do autoflowers but I'm actually doing photos. My hempy...
  2. A4

    What is CEC and Why Is It Important?

    CEC is an acronym for cation exchange capacity and refers to a soilless medium or soil’s capacity to hold and exchange mineral nutrients. In this first part of a two-part article, we will talk about CEC, what it means and its importance. Chemistry 101 To understand what CEC is we need to...
  3. A4

    Old Reviews Pro-Mix Use and Shelf Life

    The below came from Premier Tech Horticulture, the manufacturer of Pro-Mix. I would assume Sunshine Mix has probably about the same requirements. I have used Promix exclusively for 7 or 8 years and there has always been a lot of discussion among us Promix growers about the pH of Promix, the...