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solar eclipse 450

  1. iampepe

    Lighting Pep's Solar Eclipse 450 lights up some Gorilla Glue

    Hey AFN here goes my first journal under my brand new Amare. I've been wanting to upgrade to cob's for sometime, I spent many hours studying LED tech. and I nearly made my own. I may still attempt it at some point, it isn't cheap, it isn't pretty, no customer support and no warranty so I...
  2. stepside

    Lighting Testing, testing.

    So, recently I've seen alot of new comers at AFN. Alot of them doing really well. @loopy looper,@jaymu104 and a couple others. They're sporting a new line or new to me so I thought I might bite the bullet and give them a shot. So I bought an Amare Solar Eclipse 450. Without seeing results it...