sour diesel

  1. hashead

    Outdoor Outdoors in Ireland (wish me luck)

    So like the title says, I'll be doing a guerilla grow here in Ireland. So far I've found, cleared, and prepped a sit in amongst some blackberry brambles. Sites perfectly situated to catch all day sun and the surrounding brambles provide both a wind brake and some camouflage. I'll be putting 6...
  2. UncleJesus

    Live Stoners 1st Time Grow Results + Custom Build

    1st time grower here. Take a look at my build I made plus some flowering pics! Close to harvest. Will update you all on results! 2x2x4 Custom Grow Cabinet WHATS INSIDE? Links included - 110 CFM Computer Fan (AC INFINITY AXIAL1238) $21.99 - Parfact Works 250 Watt LED $86.00 - Parfact Works 1000...
  3. La Buena Hierba

    La Buena Hierba auto SSSDH

    a F4 of Cross of mine proven Autoflowering Sour Diesel Haze with the SSSDH (Ojd Cut) Reservoir Seed the cup winner in a autoflowering form . LBH´s auto SSSDH alsmost 4 weeks of flowering
  4. R

    Emergency please diagnose!!!

    Im having trouble with ALL my plants developing rough almost sand paper feeling leaves and what looks like rust spots. Im freaking out because my sour d auto just started to bud and she is now showing this all over her leaves aswell. Im feeding them all RO water with less than half a dose of...
  5. MateraGaia

    Dinafem Holiday 3 Pack Grow

    @Northern Grower @Discretepete2676 @iampepe @sniper @BigSm0 @The Elvis @Slater @budelee @Renaissance Redneck @epenguin Pull up a chair fellas while I grow out some Dinafem ladies! I got Sour Diesel, Industrial Plant CBD, and Haze CBD going into the grow cab or grab if your feeling naughty...
  6. E

    Indoor Tropical Outdoor: White Widow Max, AK47, Cheese, Great White Shark, Northern Lights

    New Grow Journal Outdoor Guerrilla: White Widow Max, White LSD, AK47, Sour Diesel (Introduction for Maria here: ) Seeds from : (The top three from the left are freebies, unmarked Northern Lights, Auto Cheese...
  7. E

    Live Stoners Hi from Maria <3

    Hello everyone! Happy to find this Forum and join you all to discuss autoflowering ganja. I've been out of this scene for some time now, but had a number of gardens (mainly indoor, first hydro but then all organic) almost 20 years ago with photoperiod plants. I started with some local outdoor...
  8. nizmoKush

    Outdoor Mini GSC grow

    so a couple weeks back i won some seeds grape kush photo and some autos that were breed by the grower i have no clue of the auto seeds.SDxPKa (i believe theyre regular seeds but looks like this might be a female) Its on week 3 since sprouting i believe and been using some leftover jungle juice...