1. JimmyB

    Outdoor superauto strain recommendations... and welcome

    Hi All:welcome: This is my first post, i have just signed up after allways browsing these pages and i wanted to get amongst the action of all you fantastic growers. so i hope you all have the time to help me out a little. So here goes, I would say im a noobie to autos outdoors. grown plenty...
  2. happyjoy

    Harvest & Curing is this ready for chop? JAMAICAN BERRY SUPER AUTO

    hey there everyone. i need some advice if my JAMAICAN BERRY SUPER AUTO from STITCH is ready for chopping. basically, breeder reccomended time is 90-105 days. today is day 105 since leaves popped surface. the reason im asking if she looks ready, is because 1)its hard to tell, but it looks to me...