supernatural og

  1. Frankidelics

    Mephisto Genetics Frankie's Cab's Supernatural OG!

    Hey guys! I think it is time I start this thread for the beautiful Supernatural OG. My first Mephisto! I grow in 10L airpots using Plagron light mix with Advanced Nutrients (Sensi Grow and Bloom, Rhyno Skin, Voodoo Juice, Carboload, and Overdrive), under a HPS 250w dual spectrum.
  2. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Supernatural OG

    I'd like to present Miss Supernatural OG at day 66. She met the blade last night.:tang: Here are her specs: Container: Red bottom Airpot Medium: Roots Formula 707/Sensi Sci Soil at a 2/1 blend Lights: 18/6 Veg under HPS and flowered under LED Nutrients: General Organics (only needed for last...