sweet cheese

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    Sweet Seeds – Super Offer at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

    Buy 3 Sweet Seeds get 5 Buy 5 Sweet Seeds get 9 Read more about this offer and get a 15% discount on all Sweet Seeds at https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/Cannabis-Seeds-News/sweet-seeds-super-offer-at-the-vault-cannabis-seeds-store Sweet!
  2. blue

    Sweet Seeds SWEET SEEDS MAY GIVE-AWAY 2019

    <<< Sweet Seeds Give-Away Extravaganza For May 2019 >>> Our wonderful friends Sweet Seeds are offering a pack of FREE seeds to All AFN members who have already completed a Documented Sweet Seeds grow here at AFN!! :worship: All you have to do to qualify, is to be able to provide a link to...
  3. C

    Extraction A simple guide to making Hash

    Hey AFN! :smokeout: I spent most of today extracting kief and making some Sweet Cheese / Blueberry Hash. I used trim and bottom buds from my latest Sweet Cheese Auto grow and some DP AutoBlueberry I had left in the freezer.. I originaly only intended to post this in my grow journal bur saw...
  4. C

    OLD REVIEWS Sweet Cheese strain/smoke report

    Strain / Breeder Sweet Cheese Auto from Sweet Seeds Did it autoflower?: Yes, all 3 at 21 days under 24/0 Soil/hydro: biobizz light mix Nutes : Advanced Nutrients following Tang's advanced schedule. Light 300w LED Growboard From seed to harvest days: Plant A: 60 days Plant B: 67 days plant...
  5. C

    Live Stoners Greetings AFN!

    Been hanging around all off 2015 w/o saying a word but now its 2016 and things have changed! Started my first grow journal ever even though ive been growing photos and autos indoors and out for a few years now. come check out my journal! I'm running 3 x Sweet Cheese Auto and sometime next week...
  6. C

    Indoor 3 Sweet Cheese in my 300w LED Cabinet

    HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW STONERS! The year is 2016 and it is about time for me to come out of my shell and share what i am up too... Who am I? I'm a guy in my late twenties who has had enormous problems with substance abuse and alcohol since before my teens. Thanks to weed, my wonderful...