1. F.N.

    Seed Stockers Sticky Fingers strain

    I have Two really nice looking STICKY FINGERS both seem to be the same phenotype. They are growing under Quantum boards I think they are around 135 to 150 watts a piece.
  2. F.N.

    Seed Stockers BCN XXL grow

    Here is two seedlings ready to get HUGE. I will be feeding green planet nutrients and nothing else.
  3. F.N.

    Mephisto Genetics GGG4, CDLC, YETI OG

    Here is my grow of these fine genetics. They will be fed Green Planet nutrients hydrofuel Bloom, procal, vitathrive, liquidW8, rootbuilder tea, massive, dense, and finisher.
  4. A

    Help with this diagnosis!!!

    This is a greenhouse lemon auto fem on her 43th day. Ive struggle during the complete grow with this type of problem. I flushed a week ago and things seem to get better but as soon as i pickup nutes it starts again with rhe yellowish leaves. Im using 1 gallon pot with soiless with 40%perlite...
  5. A

    Dutch Passion DP Auto White Widow and Auto Mazar

    Currently planting 3 Dutch Passion auto White Widow and 2 auto Mazar seeds. Tent 1.2x1.2x2m. 4' fan and filter (mountain air filter). Grown in five 10ltr air pots with plagron soil 3/4 light mix + 1/4 bat mix. Lighting is LED, a 350w Znet4 for veg then adding a 800w super helios4 for flowering...