tangs flowers

  1. TaNg

    Lighting TaNgs Flowers 2016.

    This will be my home thread where I post most of my pictures and grows. To start off here's a little porn I have on the go now. White Triangle. Blue Cush.
  2. TaNg

    Lighting TaNg's Flowers 2014.

    This will be my home thread for all my plants that are not test/preview grows. Set up is 2 rooms, a 160cm x 60cm room that has 2 GN MS0006 hybrids with 2 Rebels in each giving me about 360w and the 120cm x 120cm room has 2 fully upgraded MS0004s giving me 240w,medium will be Plagron...
  3. TaNg

    Lighting TaNg's Flowers.

    A new thread for all my grows that aren't previews or tests,everything will be grown under Grownorthern LEDs,medium will be Plagron light in Airpots with Advanced Nutrients. First off is......... Auto Blueberry at 19 days. Think Different at 38 days.