the white train

  1. NebulaNuggets

    Mephisto Genetics My first Mephistos

    Greetings! Thought I'd introduce myself over here, seeing as I am getting into my first experience with autos and have some awesome genetics on the way shortly I presume! I got the payment option and sent the gift yesterday, awaiting response from Mephisto. Going to get some soil and nutes for...
  2. TaNg

    Mephisto Genetics TaNgs Strains,Trains and Autoflowers.

    Usual set up guys.....15L Airpots filled with Plagron light and fed Advanced Nutrients,lights are 2 MS0006 Hybrids buy that may change in a few weeks. Environment will be kept between 26-28 daytime and dropping to low 20s during lights off,lighting schedule is 20hrs on 4hrs off. Strains will...