1. created2live4ever

    Deformed leafs in TLO

    This is my first grow ever. I planted two Auto Bubblegum seeds in True Living Organics style soil. One of them is more deformed than the other. The second one is slightly behind with growth and deformation is barely seen. I suspect the roots hit the supersoil and got stunned. THat would explain...
  2. created2live4ever

    EU Only TLO soil German version - anybody?

    Guten Tag everybody! I'm a total newbie to cannabis. Am reading "TLO" by The Rev and "DIY Auto" by Jeff Lowenfels atm. Simultanously I read your great posts on this forum. Am starting to understand more and more on the topic. If I ever wanted to pland a seed or two (not before the prohibition...
  3. Benjidubwise

    Too wet, too dry, too hot, too bright? Seedling issues. TLO indoor grow.

    Greetings all. I've got some droopy-ass seedlings at the moment. Both different strains from different breeders in different sized pots. Firstly, Auto Green Crack from Fastbuds in a 5 gal pot. 92cm (36.2inch) from light. She's on day 12 & looks like this: Secondly, Auto Critical from Royal...
  4. Benjidubwise

    TLO pot sizes & small spaces.

    Greetings all :) I've found a local company (UK) that produces it's own TLO soils, amongst other things (links below). Their "eco-life" soil comes in 40L bags & they recommend one bag per plant. That's a big pot size! I'm growing in a 70x70x160. Surely a 40 litre pot will lead either to some...

    Where would I post an Ace grow diary?

    I am currently 6 weeks into a grow of Ace seeds auto Northern Lights x Killer Malawi and was wondering where I would post that.?If anyone knows please reply because she is a beauty so far grown all TLO.I have never seen any grows or smoke reports on this strain so I thought it would be a good...
  6. Eyes on Fire

    Old Reviews Kind Soil Review -by EoF

    Hey guys, well i just got done doing two side by side grows of Kind Soil and I gotta tell ya, its a nice soil. Does it perform as advertised: Yes it does,with small variations and a proprietary mix used you should have little to zero issue(s) with quality water used. Did you have any issue(s)...
  7. Jraven

    Jraven's New Soil. Time to dig in.

    It's still mid winter here in Alaska, but it's a nice day and I'm thinking about my soil. I'm starting this thread to help me organize and focus on what's important, also to ask advice from anyone who's interested in stopping by. The stuff I've read in this forum since I joined a couple weeks...