1. Rowerg

    Live Stoners Hello from noobie from T-dot

    Hello, peeps! :toke: I'm new here! I live in Toronto at the moment. Hello from the 6! Check my second noobie grow report here: my-second-grow-indoor-soil-coco-doctors-choice Thanks to iampepe for his suggestion to post this intro here! :bighug: Nice to meet you here, guys! :smokeout:
  2. Fast Buds Heather

    Fast Buds See you in Toronto’s Lift Cannabis Expo 2017, the event of the year in Canada!

    Hi Fast Buds Family! How is it in North America? ;) This weedkend, the Fast Buds Crew will be travelling to the largest Canada’s Cannabis Expo in Toronto! The Lift Cannabis Expo 2017 is a 3-day event being held from 26th to 20th of May at the Exhibit Hall D of the Toronto Convention Centre...
  3. Canadian Guerrilla

    Live Stoners Lift expo Toronto

    Anyone going to this? May 28-29