transplanting auto`s

  1. Double Grape week 2, transplant week

    Double Grape week 2, transplant week

    Double Grape week 2. Growing very fast. Transplanted this week.
  2. Tyler_Durden88

    Stress free Transplanting

    I keep getting questions on how I transplant so here's a thread on how and when I do it. I know alot of ppl start in their final pots but there's a better chance of dampening off in a big pot and transplanting gives you faster growth and a overall healthier plant. • I start my babies in a...
  3. afrazer651

    Indoor When to transfer into Dwc

    Have 2 Barney's sour diesel atuos that have just popped and am wondering when to transfer to 12L Dwc
  4. K

    Indoor 1st Auto grow and its crazy.Short stuff seeds,stunted a few

    I got the wring size tent but using it, around 4ft x 6ft its big , I got a 400 watt hps but I start with a 45 watt led then bought another 15 watt led as I was hoping it would help,there the chinese copy shit so I bought a 300 watt viper true watt 135 or 185 watt, then I see some difference...