1. Ronin

    Photography Mephisto Sour Hound

    @mephisto Sour Hound day 79. Chop day:tang: Container: 2 gallon Airpot Medium: coco coir Lights: mix of Chinese sun @18/6 Nutrients: Vegamatrix 15" tall from rim of Airpot I'll end this with an outdoor shot. Good day all:bong:
  2. Ronin

    Old Reviews O.G. Tea Veganic Special Sauce

    Just wanted to post this product to let my fellow AFN members know about it.:pass: O.G Tea Veganic Special Sauce is a no brew microbe tea. Great for keeping the root zone healthy and inoculated with some of the beneficial microbes plants need when growing. I personally add 1tsp per gallon to my...
  3. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Colorado SODK x Alien

    Welcome to my SODK x Alien grow.:pass: I'd like to thank @Trapper for the opportunity to grow this fine @mephisto Genetics creation.:cheers: After seeing some recent SODK grows, I decided to give this kid a shot with a 5 gallon Airpot. Just as a side note, I do not PH my feedings with the...
  4. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics My Vegan Toof Decay x Alien

    Welcome all.:pass: Here is my Mephisto Toof Decay x Alien. She is currently at day 37. She stands 26"/66cm tall. Here are her stats: Container: 2 gallon airpot Medium: Botanicare coco Lights: 900w MarsII LED(full spectrum model) @18/6 Nutrients: Vegamatrix. The only other addition is...