1. Jimmyclone

    Lighting DIY COBs 1000w or very close 2

    Hello AFN, Im finally starting my build, i have been lurking around at others projects for a while and tring to decide what i actually needed... Or wants vs needs... Had looked at timber, pacific lighting concepts, northen grow lights, etc, etc.. Then i stumbled onto "rapid led".. They had...
  2. Jimmyclone

    Lighting 69v vero29??? Can it be??

    I have placed an order on cutter for 10 of there vero sup1 kits.. So 10 chips, 10 sinks, 10 reflectors , 10 thermal pads.. But it says the chips are 69v?? I thought they were 36v chips?? Trying to find a driver to do 5 veros at a time.. Heres the link? Are these actual 36v chips? I have emailed...
  3. IndyLED

    Lighting Timber Grow Lights COB Based LED Fixtures

    This is a completed flower run with Cree CXB3590 "CB"bin 30g Emitters powered by Meanwell HLG 185H 1400B, Ledil silicon optics ,Dimmable Forced Air Intake/Exhaust upto 6sqft flower coverage area at 24inches from canopy Emerald Triangle Cotton Candy Cane grown 5gallon root pouch Coco/Perlite...