1. D

    Indoor Is she looking ok? First grow so i have a couple of worries!!

    This is my girl, it is day 3 of week 5. I have a couple of worries in mind and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction? is she the right size I think she’s a bit small?? I think she’s a little toxified aswell as a couple of leaves are curling, only by the smallest bit like...
  2. Weedman30

    Extraction Rosin Tech Pure Solvent Free Wax

    Ok guys so this is called the Rosin Tech it was introduced by a guy who goes by SoilGrown and was recently Discovered I'd say. If you like to Dab and don't want to make BHO or don't Dab because your simply an all organic smoker. This Process is the Simplest Safest way to produce some super...