white train

  1. X

    Grow Mediums First DWC grow - Full Advanced Nutrients lineup

    Hello! Would you like to see what I have been preparing? Please, come in. http://i64.tinypic.com/etckdd.jpg I have 2x2x2 tent with LED lights, 11 oxypots and also one extra for switching pots. I will be adding a silencer to the exhaust fan tubing to combat airflow sound. I'm also going to add...
  2. Ronin

    Grow Mediums White Train to RoninGarden

    Welcome to my Mephisto White Train Grow.:pass: Here she is day 1. The Specs: Container: 2 Gallon Airpot Medium: Botanicare bagged coco Nutrients: Vegamatrix with O.G. Tea Veganic Special Sauce Lights: 12 lamp T5 fixture (10 lamps @6400k and 2 lamps @10,000k +uvA) and 900w MarsII LED (veg...