1. capitanfaded

    Indoor 400W SuperLumens HPS - FastBuds (LSD-25/Crystal Meth Auto) Day 42

    Hey guys! I recently found out about this page and decided join, mostly because it seems like a really cool mix with people and where you can develop as a grower. Hope you all will enjoy my posts. So, first of all to get started, I have 2 LSD-25 and 1 Crystal Meth in flowering. I currently use...
  2. Ronin

    Dinafem White Widow XXL

    Welcome to my Dinafem White Widow XXL grow.:pass: Here's the stats: Container: Green bottom Airpot Medium: Roots Formula 707 Lights: Mixed HPS, T5, LED @ 18/6 Nutrients: General Organics On to the pics. Day 3: She'll get fed a myco/water blend for the first couple weeks. Thanks for...