1. Harry_Kovert

    Indoor Harry's Horticulture - 3rd Grow

    Evening Peeps. I've been intermittently posting photos of my current grow....and asking plenty of daft questions along the way - so I thought I'd pull my finger out and post my 1st journal. Hopefully some of the learning that I've obtained from you fine people will be put to good use in this...
  2. Magic

    Indoor Sanguine Vs Wile e Peyote

    Welcome, Come one Come all and see two new comers in the Arena! Both doing Hydro and Dutch Passion so this should be a real BIG battle! We have in one Corner Sanguine In this Corner we have Wile e Peyote Dutch Passion: Auto Ultimate Lets Get it On!
  3. Itisi

    New Grower Auto extreme. Dutch Passion

    Hey up. Auto. Extreme. Dutch. Passion. Google links all those words to sex quite freely! This will be my 3rd auto grow, sativa dominant strains where my bogey when I used to grow, back in the day. But, now we have the Internet and the autos! Game on! I had really crap germ rates on...
  4. joker

    Grow Mediums 5x Himalaya gold 4 x canatronic x laog , 2 x shb x laog [400][1m2] Wilma vs Dwc by joker

    seeds -5 x himalaya gold konkursowe 4 x canatronic x laog 2 x shb x laog 1 x no name Ms - 0.92 temperature - 22.5 Ph - 5.9 box -1m2 lighting - hps 400 fertilizers - hesi hydro starter day 1 peace