worm tea

  1. O

    Nutrients Lecheate/worm tea vs AN ph perfect

    Hi everyone, I am about to start a worm farm, as well as my next micro grow. I have grown in coco with great success but since I am very busy these days, I would like to keep it KISS, meaning no losing lots of time attending to the grow. For this reason, I became interested in Tangs easy feed...
  2. O

    Grow Room Odor control micro tent

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have a mammoth micro tent (80×40×40cm), which I absolutely love for its extreme discretion and easy of use. I truly believe with the right growing skills it would be possible to yield at least 80 gs. I am about to start a new soil grow with a...
  3. NoRobo

    Indoor Mostly Pink Grapefruit with some nice Tha Shiznit

    Setup: 8x4 tent 4 x 300w Marshydro Some fans A little duhumidifier 18/6 all the way through Super soil with Roots organic and Oregons only organic #4 as the base. 3 gal smart pots 3 day home brew worm tea; worm castings with myco added, organic blackstrap molasses as the activator...