1. U

    Light green/yellowish leaves, all 4 plants

    Problem: The 4 plants are at 48 days now, about 1.5 weeks into flower and they are all very yellowish light green. They seem smaller (or stunted) than they should be. The leaves are all pretty small and pointing upwards towards the light. Some of the leaves have lighter bleach looking spots...
  2. Newtoautogrow

    Yellowing leaf Edges

    Looking for help on the pic below with the circul around the pic... The edges of the leaf seem to be going yellow and I have to idea what's causing it... All answers much appreciated
  3. M

    First grow , Fast buds pineapple yellowing help!

    Hello everyone , hopefully I am posting this in the right area. This is my first grow and I am on day 7. I am using promix bx with a perlite base and about 70/30 soil to perlite mixed. I am using a 180w led ufo (90watt draw) about 8” away from the 3G pot. Germinated in cup until sprout and then...
  4. Shinramen

    Leaves are turning yellow?! HELP

    Hey guys one of my Northern lights are in week 4 of flower and the leaves are turning yellow and lime green. I've been feeding it similarly to my other plants and the other ones don't have a problem whatsoever.... I've been using drops to ph and they're around 6.5. Does anyone know what this is...
  5. SarahJay

    Yellowing Leaves, Striping, leaf loss

    Hi ,Would like some advice please. This is my first grow and on day 49 from seed. Around day 40 one of my Fast n Vast auto’s and Critical Mass auto’s suddenly started yellowing heavily at the bottom (both had started flowering) and dropped a tonne of leaves. They are grown in plagron light mix...
  6. Cheeseman

    Grow Mediums Sour crack yellowing leaves HELP please!

    hello all. Having a few problems with my Mephisto sour crack ladies. Week 5 from seed today and the leaves are yellowing slightly and have rusty spots on some of the others. Currently in Coco 20L airpots watering 4 litres each every two days Canna coco A+B at an EC of 1.2, PH 6 Any ideas what...
  7. XxxAuto

    What happens ??

    Hello doctors What happens to my lady here ? Also starting purple steam
  8. knocker powell

    sweet seeds blow mind auto nitrogen deficiency?

    dearest doctors of the bud..... Oooh, I'm in a pickle. First time indoor grower. Am at D41 under a spectrum king 400 and I fear that my young lady is suffering from a nitrogen deficiency. Could I be rather forward and ask that you might consider her condition on my behalf? Problem: Nitrogen...
  9. knocker powell

    Vegging under 26w Secret Jardin LED Light

    hello all - i wonder if i could pick your brains. relatively new grower trying to start off some Think Different under a 26w Secret Jardin vegging light. All has been going well but now some of the leaves are yellowing and taking on a troubling appearance - being a newb am not sure whether they...
  10. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Deficienc, Toxicity or Sign of Old Age?

    Hi, Professors Here is your student again. Some bottom and top fan leaves on a Super Skunk approx day 55 are turnig yellow. What does it signify? Super Skunk, upper leaf by Dr. Babnik posted May 9, 2016 at 12:31 PMSuper Skunk, lower leaf by Dr. Babnik posted May 9, 2016 at 12:31 PM
  11. 4

    Yellowing leaves at Day 42... HELP! (Dinafem Auto Blue Cheese/Critical+)

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me a little help... I am growing Auto's for the first time and everything has been going really well, untill i get back from a few days away to find all the leaves are yellowing, now i know this is normal towards end of life cycle, but this seems a little...
  12. P

    Help - Skunk #1 auto yellowing

    Hi everyone. I am about 4 weeks into my first grow and have learnt a heap from reading these forums. I have been 2 White Label Skunk #1 in Canna Terra Pro soil under 600w MH and have been feeding exactly as per the attached chart using Biobizz Grow and Biobizz Root Juice. Watering about every...
  13. G

    Please Help!! Flowering issues!

    Hello, I planted my northern lights auto seeds that I purchased about 80 days ago, (11 weeks). It's been in flower for at least three weeks now, and I'm getting pretty worried. The entire grow has been fairly slow, but right now the buds are not even close to being as big as they should be for...
  14. G

    Is my plant dying?

    Im in the process of growing a Northern Lights Auto. It's been going well for the most part so far, except it hasn't flowered yet. It's about 7 and a half weeks old. Today I opened the door and it seems like he new growth is curling. It didn't look like this before (not as bad anyway) and now...