yodas dragons breath

  1. Mossy

    Dragon Meds How I Tamed my Dragon. yodas Dragons Breath

    3 x yodas Dragons Breath Feminised seed. 1 x 25 ltr square pot. Universal Potting compost. Outdoor grown. Put in the soil end of May. Germed 4th June. Harvested 6th August. Germ to Harvest 63 days. Natural Light pattern. Max 14 hours per day. Natural shadow time. All 3 germed. All...
  2. South Syder

    Dragon Meds Beware The Dragon's Breath!

    Howdy, Yup! I'm addicted to Dragons -- a regular groupie -- so cracked two Yoda's Dragon's Breath beans and awaaaay we go! Just finished some Black/Stone Dragons and I'm over the moon with the outcome. But the smell! I just looove that f-ckin' smell! Gonna keep Dragons in my den every grow from...