Autopot Micro Run


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Apr 18, 2022
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Hey Forum :thumbsup:

As the title, micro Autopot run, Oh why do this to myself!

Just for giggles now :jointman: I will be attempting to run a self contained micro box, wattage for lights will be truly miserable.

3 weeks of 20w secret jardin grow.
7weeks 20w secret jardin bloom & 20w secret jardin grow. Totally 40watts.
2x ec fans 4watts

1x ec extraction. 2watts.

modified, old Autopot tray to accommodate a 2 plant micro grow.
Water reservoir 2xlitr pop bottle contained within micro environment.

usefully though, can’t laugh at the world if it can’t laugh at me :dizzy:

Chances of failure! Extremely likely.

Mephisto run Hubbabubbahaze & Sour Stomper.
Interesting! That hubbahubbahaze might be a challenge!
Ok things change, a recent move had seemingly effected my lights, My Secret Jardin lights aren’t playing ball. pos a loose connection so I’m going to alter my plans, apologies.

I will now use a spare Samsung fullspec board max 100watt, have dialled it to 20watt with said meter. Lights to run 20/4 off.

Also have the standard mini heating tube, this to kick in during lights out once the colder weather arrives. Hubbabubbahaze has sprouted but the Sour Stomp is fickle, poking out a tail with very little commitment. I may sprout a backup Sawney bean but I’m still rooting for the Sour Stomp.
Come on little Stomper.

Below a nice picture of the 2l rez Aldi Lemonade 😂

Thanks Guys for dropping some encouragement.
Guys Yay!
finally got the SJ lights running today, seems I had a loose connection someplace. These will be the COL2065 Grow and the COL20BL Bloom, totally stoked these little strips are running, so glad I didn’t give up on them.

Popping a Strawberry Cough tonight as the Sour Stomper is still hanging.
Guys this project has been a failure, after two attempts the little beans just do not appreciate the COL2065 Grow Led.

Not yet ready to give up, a Slaughter L and Sour Stomper are soaking and I’m digging out my Quantum Board.

Peace :thumbsup:
Well what do I know? Every days a school day, yesterday I raised the 20w COL2065 Grow to the maximum hight I have available possible 20”
This morning I can finally see growth, my observations are it’s a powerful little light, far to bright for sprouting seeds at the recommended 15cm lessons learned.

So here we have it, Hellraiser on the left and a Seed stockers GSC facing right, grey pot.

Guys I know the difficulties but I’m of the opinion these lights are not for cutting the mustard, my observations are they are not fit for my purpose, possibly it’s my style of cooking to blame.
Two weeks in I was experiencing minimal growth, previously I ranted about them above, but chose persevere.

Now Then, now then, moving on. I had a couple of options either give up or ditch the Secret Jardin then refit my Quantum board!
Switched lights last weekend and difference, night and day, I marked out the dimmer in 20w 40w 60w using a wattage meter making markers in order to continue the project without having to alter my lighting schedule.
so currently sitting at 20w.


SB Hellraiser