Freezer update

So here we Are on the firsts update of the freezer grow everyone is happy we have 4 plants in hereIMG_20230916_193222_967.jpg

Ok so let's go through them the first one is blueberry gelato from silver leafIMG_20230916_193251_490.jpg
This is a beautiful girl she has worked very hard to have this lovely canopy she was planted the same time as the original blueberry Wich u will see next and she done alot better very happy with this strain

Number 2 is original blueberry from fast buds
This blueberry is the same age as the silver leaf blueberry gelato and I have grown one if these before that was one of the biggest plants I had seen but this one didn't go so well it's short stems and not much to it

Number 3 is desiel dawg unknown breeder
This desiel dawg is only a seedling however it shares a pot with blueberry and has not been very good either is is showing signs of being stunted and I'm not too worried I don't believe in killing them so I'll let him be and see what he does

Last but not least orange biscuits from mephestos genetics
This girl is being chosen for breeding I'm using colloidal silver to try make some pollen on her branch and let her pollenate herself more info on her can be got on the cs breeding gournal


Good job mate, I love these type of grows. Id love to try a full Run in mine but gona use it for drying purposes.
Do u dry in a freezer I just dry in a cupboard but mine are small plants the freezer is a great starter grow tent thing as it is fully insulated so in winter it stays warm and is summer it stays around 25-30°c

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