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Ah the Strawberry Gorilla, this plant ended up being the front runner of my last grow. Finished up at day 68 and gave me a hefty 5 oz on the dot! Grown in a 3 gallon Rain Science bag with FFOF and supplemented around week 2-3 with an organic regemine this plant did very well with little deficiency issues even with others on the same regimen in the tent did. It did seem a bit nitrogen sensitive so I would start light on that. But overall this plant was an extremely easy plant to grow. I almost forgot about it at times back in the corner.

After a 1+ month cure the smoke is almost exactly like they describe on the breeder site. The smell is a very strong berry when I open the bag, not quite strawberry but extremely close. Maybe like a very ripe strawberry. After a grind up you get a really good dose of diesel that overpowers the strawberry. Taste is pretty much the same, mostly diesel with some strawberry on the front. Really a good smoke for anytime during the day. I found the high very balanced and relaxed my body a bit while getting my mind going. Full disclosure I smoke all day everyday so it may be stronger for others. I find myself continuously going back to this strain at least every few days as I really enjoy it. Overall for taste/smell/effects I give it a 8.5 out of 10. Not my all time favorite but definitely a solid contender! Thanks @Fast Buds Heather for the great ggenetics .

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