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This post is in part to review the Automatically Delicious Seeds gear (and my ‘Miracrosses’) for you fellow gromie-growers and ganja-smokers viewage: and the other part is to complete my requirements for the cultivators badge of avatar smexyness.


The pic above is the set in late flower dankness, just prior to harvest. Top two: LtR SkyD and Wauto.

I took the Automatically Delicious selections 90 days (P. April 15. - H. July 15.) from seed to harvest. The Exotic Frost was started one month earlier (Mar 15) with the Fems and the G-String F1. My prize Exotic Frost nearly died, the Fem seedlings actually did; plus I had to call (The Barbaric) Contract-Kull, The Conquerer later that run. Details are fleshed out Starting here. part One of the Badge requirements.

Autoflowering section;
The Grow(er) Notes:


Her profile said she is an IBL (In Bred Line) of Skywalker OG decent. She is a hearty grower and in my organic based program and conditions she was a happy plant and was hella dank. She had a slightly earthy undertone with pungent overtone notes of motor oil and spilled gasoline. Light bright green colored nuggs that were thick and rank. She was LOUD and my scrubber was working hard late flower. She was very frosty and had the most density this cropout. She was the shortest in the tent and i ended up boosting her with a coffee can to even out the PAR with her sisters. She has heavy gas nose on the cure. That shop rag scent. (So fucking dank).

and the second Automatically Delicious selection was:

Wautomints. (Wautomelon x Thin Mint, make up her profile)

Watermelon and Mint are a couple of my tastebud’s favorites and it seemed like this was just up my alley terp-wise… ”on paper” at the time. These beans were in my price range and were appealing to the direction I was planning on my cultivation journey to start in. She was also a nice grower and was the tallest in the tent. OMG she had some juicy terps and nice upper tops, but did yield a lot of larfy buds in her lower growth.

[I chose to strictly use some LST -bending/tucking/tying- and no to low Defoliation this grow, a decision i may not chose again. im stripping skirts and lollipopin’ and all that shit from no on…fool me twice Larf…]

She was the terp queen. She smelled like candy. I liken it to Halls watermelon flavored menthol drops. Only more sweet candy than menthol-y mint…like imagine there is a skittles pack and they have a mint and a watermelon, and u mashed those two into one blissful bite (how your breath would smell after u ate them). She also had the earthy undertone, slight but there. (Im leaning toward this *could* be from my organic blended medium and water source -tap- combo..pure speculation, but a lot of my crops have this tone) She also had that light bright green hue the Skydancer‘ nuggs and I found the Automatically Delicious selections did resemble one another esp in color and nugg structure somewhat, but the terps were worlds apart.. and the nugg girth was also slightly different: Skydancer had the bigger nuggs and superior density overall. Of course both hit completely different.

Anyhow, of I could, Id make her late flower floral terps a candle, or an incense. She smelled so good!

The structure of growth was also different with the Wautomints being a bit more and ‘stretchy and lanky‘ Sativa / ’Thin-Leaf ~ ‘Equatorial’ ~ Varietals type ] and floral and the Skydancer was more ‘OG‘ and gassy and more ‘Indica’ and dank in how she smelled and grew (Squatty/Stacked growth and ‘Fat-Leaf’ ~Kush~ Varietals type).


The smexy-sisterly pair of Automatically Delicious Seeds selections and the end of the Autoflowering section of this review.


The combination of aromatic sweet gas funk (plus with the ‘Miracrosses’ bringing that Anis earth funk junk) made for some delicious aroma therapy sessions of sniffed filtered Zen. They will definitely get run again and may become some breed projects data points in the distant future.


[Photoperiod section.]


These two glasses of -I Bob Ross’d a happy little accidentally made some seeds this one time- …Lemonade were pleasantly surprising additions and fulfilled yet a distant breeding dream i had before i even planted any seeds that grow. A fast forward on genetic goals I was eager to see if I had actually boosted my viable seed stash by near quite possibly infinity maybe??

Disclaimer notice.

Since these plants were derived from photo parents I want to bring notice to this as the banner is clearly in the autoflowering section. Since they were tent sisters they deserve that review dap. Plus they were my *ChoffCough* ‘Gear’ / ‘Projects’ hehe, but really yea, so…
their parental story is earlier in my blog starting here:

Frost Bite (OG). [ShotCaller x Blizzard]. *She was planted April 15 with the Autoflowers and also ran 90 days*

She was chosen because the Guicy Banger x Blizzard F1 (G-String) turned out to be a male plant and it was a Sinsemilla crop run: so, I had to call on Kull. (Killer of man-plant) while I did not do the best job of capturing the phenos individually in the Miracrop grow…[I feel like this got addressed in the Automatically Delicious section of my blog] I liked the Shot Caller. She was a pretty plant with nice nugg structures and a almost yellow tone to her leafs. She also was pretty squat but that could be cause the PAR was a savage battle of overcrowding competition..she was the first PURE Miracrop cross and honestly I dont know if even Frosty himself has crossed this particular combo… so I was feeling a sense of swagger even though the process… it was heavily accidental: i do have a few notes that i will utilize when i get updated data from running the progeny.

You can see in that first plant photo in this post, the Blizzard passed that dark green pigment and what you cant see, smell rather was some of that salivating Anis terp-funk and seems some structure(s). part of which I will detail in the Exotic Frost detail section. I also chose her because the Shot Caller had some ‘OG’ lineage (Eastside OG x Sonic Boom) that I thought would make for some potentially good low grower and potentially good-to-great meds. I also wanted to structure check the Blizzard on the NON-Exotic gear..aka Frosty on Frosty gear. I noticed Blizzard did tighten up the Island Chill’s nuggs. Far more dense. more below on her…I think here it is a bit of continuation of structure cause they share some lineage and the growth was pretty good branching wise.

FWIW: The Exotic gear was said to be “Sativa leaning” crosses -which I take with a grain of salt- but that said, they were stretchy and buds were more wispy more airy than the Miracrop gear in general. Again, this could be due to lack or PAR in the overcrowded pheno run…This progeny seemed to absorb some of the Blizzard Anis/floral terps, some structure ‘typing’ by which I mean she has that ‘Miracrop structure type’… I feel like the structures ‘map’ cause they share some genetics and the dark green (middle sized) leaves.

She had a heavy earthy note to her terps and that Anis and a hint of gassy. After she cured, the buds have an almost nutty sweetness that was a bit surprising cause of the earthy gas notes she had at fresh cut and while growing out. (I will again reference my organic blend may be lending itself to some of my earthy terp/taste profiles). She had a lot of triched out sugar leaves too.

The pic below was late flower and she shows some senescence, nice purple-y and orange-y to yellow fades. They probably could have gone another 7-10 days but my holiday was pending and it worked better to chop n dry while im out of town. plus i felt like the autos were perfect. I also dont mind some headdy stash cause I am a day smoker. She was a fun grower too, basically the whole set was. She and Exotic Frost allowed me to peek into the window of breeding and quench some of that thirst for my inner curiosity as to how specifically the Blizzard passes on to progeny. I am fascinated clearly; I also now have a snapshot preview for when I run the Super Sport and Pie Bomb F1s, which have absolute Dankly-Frosted-Monsters potential.. because they both were face crusher varieties with vigorous potential.


and the Piece De Resistance:

my Exotic Frost.
Island Chill (Exotic Genetix ~ Exotic Mike) x Blizzard (Miracrop ~ Frosty McNosty).

She nearly died with the two Miracrop Fems that perished.. I was at the point I felt like I had nothing to lose in trying to see if I can nurse her back to healthy in the same time it takes an autoflower to grow (or if I could nurse even her back at all?). She represented Fire Exotic Mike, genetics crossed to Fire Miracrop, Frosty McNosty genetics. Also, to pile on this fantasy of breeding one day, this was another one of those swagger moments cause while Frosty can potentially cross his own gear much the same as Exotic Mike can cross his grear… I have Hype-crossed them together! MwaHuHooHawWawh! whoops, it was an accident, but Eff me if I aint hype AF! And since it has already worked out for me: im living the dream and smoking it too. :smokeit:

She has that deep green coloring and i think in -part that- is a Blizzard trait; from what i can tell. She was also a good grower once she recovered and I dialed in her watering. She was not as thirsty as her sisters, but that could have been cause she almost died from overwatering and cold temps. In all she came out okay. She champ’d out for me and now I am enjoying her herbal properties.

Anyhow, she was kinda frosty and kinda dank smelling..She had a somewhat heavy earthy scent with a solid hit of sweetish floral notes and a slight gas with some of that Anis scent. After her cure: it turned into a very sweet floral scent, but still very earthy with a hint of gas note underneath. The sweet floral is the large overtone of her cured scent too. kinda like the anis and earth really are pronounced. Like grandma’s potpourri with fresh earth and a slight lighter fluid-y gas note.

She unfortunately has given me a boost of potentially false hope that i can nurse ANY plant back…but i know to temper those thoughts.. and not read too deeply into the success of the event. Just enjoy that crop sample with the homies. And that we will (and I have already).

Blizzard definitely tightened up the nugg structure of the Island Chill’s more wispy nugg structure and as mentioned before he brings a dark green hue to the leaf/foliage appearance on his progeny so far. Id say he met in the near middle of the nugg structure and the progeny is slightly more Blizzard Which was a hope.
she is purdy.


The Miracrop Crosses as a pair. As a proud poppa of some accidental (yet totally credible) crossed seedings I am pretty stoked about my crop of “Jazz Cabbage”.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of Automatically Delicious Seeds, though it was self Hijacked to spout off about my crosses.. but what is a proud canna dad supposed to do ya know? It feels like a cheat code of sorts, but im okay with bypassing all the chapters i missed in route to this breeding thing happening.
I get to live out some dreams in real time and that shit is Powerfully Pimp’n.

keep on growin and smoking.


:growing::growing::pimp::growing: :growing:

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