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I Have a funny experience with my last run with the Captain's gear. I have had great success with my last 3 runs. I have always have 100 percent germ rates with my controlled veg/clone area. Heating mat dialed in at 73 to 76 f... I popped 5 granddaddy purple from the Captain's gear let me say that I always have had 100 percent success with his gear I received 5 seeds and they looked a little PREMATURE light greenish gray so I popped them and nothing. 0for5. Ok things happen I reach out to the cap and let him know and try to make an honest review and I magically am blocked from commenting.. So silenced and swindled.. I am very surprised that my favorite breeder would ignore and Basically rob me.. So in conclusion he does have great genetics, On the other hand I was sold unviable seeds then told how to germinate [HIS SEED] AS IF [HIS SEEDS] HAVE A VERRRRRY SPECIAL GERMINATION PROCESS.. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK PLEASE CHIME IN.. I'm flabbergasted I just got beat.. for a measly 50 buck its 2 gs in my backwood now so lol... Think I might make seeds for passionate Growmies like my self for donations so if this happens to you guys gals and individuals We will Have a head stash Cheers..
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