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This was a fun plant to grow. The smell was amazing. It really has that mountain berry scent. The real enjoyment was just watching the plants change into beautiful deep purple colors.
I had some soil ph issues most of the grow, due to trying a soil I had never used in any previous grows., and these girls just kept on going. I can attest to this strains hardiness. The plants were just peppered with golf ball sized buds. Preliminary taste testing is more of a creamy earthy flavor. But with that wonderful berry scent, I cannot wait to try this strain once fully cured. The girls were ready for harvest in just 11 weeks.
I would love to grow this strain again, only with one of my more familiar mediums. To get the maximum results and give the girls their due justice.
The other added surprise was seeing a plant stretch over 2 feet in a week. My girls were 26" and 46" tall.
You can check out my grow here: (1) Badfinger's Cultivator badge quest! | The Autoflower Network




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