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I have been growing Sweet Seeds strains for years, I find their fast versions do quite well in Canadian climates, I have grown Sweet Special and Green Poison as well as a few others, I always had a high 90's in germination rates however, I purchased a 5 pack of Gorilla Girl Fast version and 1 of the 7 popped, 7 because you get a bonus 2 when you buy 5, I have never had that happen to me before so I reached out to both, Sweet Seeds and True North Seeds, Sweet Seeds ignored me for a couple weeks until I posted on their F.B page, they asked me to write and send them a receipt, they e-mailed back to say I did not buy them from them and T.N.S.B cannot discuss it, they obviously aren't being stored properly and even if True North would replace them, would you want them? especially if they aren't stored properly, Attitude Seeds, even though they deal with a lot of different breeders, I have never had an issue like that, going to end up messing up my season and neither place cares, I thought years of loyalty might mean something, I hoped Sweet Seeds would have sent me what I ordered but fresher or properly stored ones, tried to order from them but they don't ship to Canada. STAY AWAY FROM TNSB, if possible buy your strains from the company, DINAFEM, GREENHOUSE SEEDS, HUMBOLT, always read the reviews and order well before you want to start,.

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