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Growers Choice Seed Co. North American Seed bank is a not so good place to get ur seeds...

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Growers Choice Seed Co Is probably most known in the U.S. They do sell marijuana seeds I guess I can at least say that. Their genetics are iffy at best. The autoflowers might auto??? Their photoperiods are all over the map in phenotypes and the genetic lines are questionable at best. Indicas that are definitely sativas and vice versa. I would say for your money save it and go somewhere else. Their guarantees with germination have stipulations with pictures and a strict follow their germination guide. When asked about autoflowers that weren't autoing I was told to put them under 12/12 light schedule to trigger flowering then flip them back to the veg light schedule to see if they would continue to flower so they obviously knew they had issues with their genetics prior to releasing them to the public. Honestly I could go on and on but Growers Choice Seed Co. gets two thumbs down from me...

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