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I had the good fortune to win these seeds in the AFN 420 Forever contest . They were grown in a 4 X 4 tent under a Phantom Pheno 440 light. They were in 5 gallon fabric pots using Canna Coco. I used the Flora Flex distribution caps to spread out the watering. They were grow with Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 3 part. I supplemented with some fulvic, humic, yucca, Sensizyme, and some Carboload during flowering.
These plants were a pleasure to grow, never experienced any issues that some minor LST or defoliation wouldn't fix. They were FIM'ed after about two weeks and after that just required a little bit of cleaning out of the lower fluff.
The yield was quite impressive and the bud was top quality. When vaped I get that old school hazy peppery taste and on the exhale it is a blast of sweet and sour, almost rotten fruit. The Buzz hit quite fast and was quite zippy and pleasant. It was a get up and do something kind of buzz, however, when i hit it again a half hour later I had an unscheduled nap so be careful.
Over all I would highly recommend this strain and breeder. I will definitely grow this again. Link to the weekly updates pic

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