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Mango Smile x 3BOG from Mephisto

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Mango Smile x 3BOG


MedCzech’s ManCave “Back to the USA”

SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics

Mango Smile x 3BOG

Did it autoflower?: Yes

Soil/hydro: Living soil consisting of Biobizz lite, 20% perlite, and Nature’s Living Autoflower soil boost.

Nutes: Dr. Earth Bud and bloom from week two of flower, Mychorrizea, and worm castings top dressed every two weeks until week 6 of flower, mollasses and compost tea also until week 6, then water with molasses only.

Light (kind and schedule): Viparspectra XS2000 & MarsTS1000

From seed to harvest date: 78 days

Dry Yield: 28 g top bud plus 8 grams of larf/trim.

High/Effect Duration:
2 hours nice hybrid high



BAG APPEAL: *** Plenty of frost and nice lime color with orange hairs.

THE GROWTH: **** Stayed small, but relatively easy to train. Classic candelabra shape

THE SMELL: **** Very nice smell. Apple Jacks or Froot Loops.

THE SMOKE: *** vapes very nice, high in resin and terps galore like most Mephisto strains.

THE HIGH: **** Very balanced buzz that starts out in your head like a good cup of coffee with focus and alertness transitioning into a nice mellow body buzz without the drowsiness.

Overall- This was a nice strain. I had some light issues early on that stunted a few plants and she was one of them. All things considered, she is a very nice plant. More disappointed in myself for not doing her justice.
A very nice strain for its high, and I will run her again in the next grow. The Apple Jacks flavor is amazing with a coffee in the morning, but she’s so zippy up front, I have to drink decaf


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