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I'm sure everyone has seen or heard some things about Mephisto's CDLC as its fairly popular at the moment. I'm coming off a 1+ month cure on the one I finished up and wanted to do a review/share my thoughts.

The overall structure of the CDLC was it wasn't a very tall plant but it wanted to bush out very wide. It was one of the shortest in the tent despite not being topped like the others. It had shorter fan leaf stems but the leaves themselves were very wide and fat. Very nice internodal spacing with strong stems, it could've used some training but even without it the plant will do well. I ran into minor issues with some P and K deficiencies but still ended up with 94g or 3.4oz in just 70 days. The buds are golf ball sized, very chunky and hard. Leaf to bud ratio is low so trimming was a breeze. On top of that the buds are super frosty and sticky so bag appeal is top notch as well.

The smell on the initial cut/dry was a very strong moth ball smell with a very light hint of chemicals on the back end. After a good cure that moth ball smell has toned down and blended in a lot more. I actually get slight hints of sweetness along with a little bit more chem to it. It's a very nice complex pallet on the nose.

As far as effects this is ended up being one of the stronger indicas of the bunch. Very potent and relaxes me right away, although very balanced overall. I usually smoke on a strain for a day or two before I write a review and this is definitely not a daytime strain for me, knockes me right out. This bag will probably not last long. Definitely lived up to all the hype and I will most definitely be growing out my other beans. For this cultivar I'd give it a 9/10 overall for taste, smell and effect. Highly recommend as a staple strain if you haven't grown one out already! Awesome work @stan_mephisto.

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