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This was my first time growing the Pink Panama from Mephisto. I have a curiosity about plants with landrace heritage and characteristics. This plant has both, Panama heritage and very open sativa like flower structure.

I sprouted her inside and moved to my rooftop the day she came up. This was my first time growing plants on the roof, and any challenges the plant had were related to weather and or the conditions on the roof (very hot). The white tarp I put down helped, but didn’t do enough to completely avoid heat stress.

She was an easy plant to grow and a fairly light feeder. She was planted in Promix HP and I fed her biocanna about every third watering accounting for rainfall. Base water was RO with 2ml silica and calmag/gallon. Other than minor heat stress plant was happy and healthy the whole season. I started her late (July 15) and she started flower early (about day 21). She was a pretty small plant considering the 5 gallon pot and only yielded 79 grams, but I think that had as much to do with the late start combined with the early flowering flip.

With the late start and smaller size I opted not to prune much or top her and just did leaf tucking. I got a nice main cola with a pretty even halo of satellite branches. She definitely showed very sativa plant structure. The flower structure was very open and really helped this plant get through a hot wet summer avoiding mold issues. I hadn’t considered this aspect before growing the plant, but the fast flowing time and the open flower structure make it a good candidate for short seasons and/or high humidity or heavy rain growing conditions.

I picked her on day 72, with mostly cloudy trichs a few ambers and still a few clear. She probably could have gone another week, but I was running out or sunshine and there was a lot of rain in the forecast. She hung whole for a week before a light trim and into a Grove bag.

I haven’t smoked much of the flower yet, still curing, but the smell is great and very unique. It smells like a cherry tootsie pop, and the rosin smells and tastes just the same. If I had gotten this plant to full ripeness I could imagine it developing more of the chocolate and coffee aromas mentioned in the breeder description. The potency of this plant is only average, but the smell and taste is what really sends it. I am pretty obsessed with the smell and taste of the rosin and I plan on growing another one indoors very soon. If you are chasing the biggest yields of the highest THC this might not be a good choice, but it’s a very unique plant that’s a fast finisher and easy to grow.




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