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Sour Stomper by Mephisto is a fantastic strain to grow and use. It grows well, needs very little attention to grow well and produces top-quality bud.

How Does it Grow?
In a word: fast! The seed I grew for this was purchased over a year ago. I placed it in a paper towel and a root showed in 24 hours. By the second day, it was in a rooter and crushing it. Just a relatively quick 65 days later, I was able to harvest 7 ounces. There were a few times during veg the plant would grow several inches a day.

The bud structure is nice. There's just enough distance between nodes that buds get close, but not so close that mold is an issue.

My normal method of growing is to use lots of nutrients to try to squeeze out productivity, but Sour Stomper doesn't really need them nor doesn't she really like them. I did supplement with some FF Grow Big and Tiger Bloom without burning, however. I also used some Flower Fuel and Bembe.

The effect is a very clean euphoria with little haze. If you suffer from anxiety and/or depression, this is a good one. You will be uplifted without paranoia. I find that I can still function well with it unless I get a little too much. :baked: Then it's just plain fun!

It's also really good for appetite. A good hit before dinner will ensure you clean your plate!

From a strength perspective, I'd say it's pretty good. Honestly, if it was any stronger, it'd would be too strong for my needs.

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