Autoflowering Mephisto's CDLC x Skywalker

Very easy growing Auto without much foliage and packs a pretty strong aroma with dense golfball sized flowers.

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Day 81 I harvested a CDLC x Skywalker freebie from Mephisto Genetics that yielded just under an ounce dried! Overall it was a pretty straightforward grow. On the second day after transplanting I experienced a couple days of stunting and then it was back on track for the rest of the grow! The flowers were extremely easy to trim and flower to leaf ratio more than exceptional. Aromas are very gassy/diesel with a sweet & peppery stem rub throughout the grow and was grown up with Miracle-Gro Better Performance Organics soil and finished in a 1.75 gallon pot without any additional nutrients or fertilizers as well as no training. CDLC x Skywalker is an absolute pleasure to grow and I'd recommend it for beginners to experienced growers.

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