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I've given my initial test grow to this wonderful strain before and I was very impressed with it. Although this one doesn't give you heavy yields, I got a little less than 1 gpw in my grow room where I've frequented anywhere between 1 to 2 gpw grows with various strains. But with this one it is all about quality over quantity. And what quality that is!

For the longest time I've tried to find rival genetics to the wonderful Blue Auto Mazar by Dutch Passion because that strain simply gives the most best and wonderful relief for my patient. It relieves her MS induced neuropathic pains reliably and give a good, long lasting effect without her having to go back to the vaporizer all the time to keep the pain in check. I've gone through numerous and numerous strains in an attempt to find something that would be a noteworthy alternative to that. I think I finally found it with Purple Punch! Excellent medical effect for MS induced neuropathic pain. I would highly recommend this to someone to try who is seeking a medical strain for pain. Try it out! Worked wonders for us!

My experience with this leads me to conclude it's a very fast and demanding strain that keeps you on your toes. Only 17 days of vegetation behind, it started to induce generative period. After just 53 days the plant was ready to be taken down. During the whole operation, I couldn't avoid to notice the relentless pace this strain keeps growing with and the elevated hunger for nutrients. It doesn't mess around and I love it. Very cool adventure to be had and great looking, moody flowers and the smell is just deliciously fragrant and bright. Almost like lavender, blended with some citrus and pine.

I highly recommend this strain for anyone. No matter if you are medical user, going for super bag appeal, if you are after great relaxing effects and great taste of the product. This cover all of those bases. Only thing I was left hoping was a bit better yield. But you cannot ask for everything and it wouldn't be reasonable, especially given the fast grow cycle.

What a strain!

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  • Very nice plant that yielded well
  • Didn't work very well for sleep.
I harvested a SeedStockers Purple Punch two months ago after checking out its genetics on Leafly, and discovering that the photo versions are rated as very sleepy stuff.
I grow mainly for sleep.
The plant was very pretty and yielded 4 oz dry in 4 sq ft of hydro with zero topping, training, or pruning in 11 weeks from seed.

Sadly the strain didn't deliver the good sleep my wife and I were expecting.
We keep careful track of and record nightly sleep results.
This strain averaged about 1 hr less sleep for us than the average strain I've grown for sleep.
We averaged a total of 5 trials each.
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