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1st grow using Megacrop and Down to Earth, Mephisto Genetics.

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Hello guys, my two tents have been harvested. Both tents used the same lights (optic 4xl 500w LED) , the only difference was the soil, nutrients and strain. The first tent was fed with down to earth and the second used mega crop. I made a lot of mistakes but that's a good thing because I learned from them. After applying more phosphorous to my dte tent and measuring the soil ph of my mc tent they both turned around and started to look a bit better. I made hash oil out of all of the dte tent strains. I'm still curing the mc tent before I make oil out of those.

1. Jammy Dodgers #2- 104g - This was the only strain that I wanted to grow but I made a ton of mistakes germinating the seeds. After some help I was able to get back on track. It smells like strawberries and sweet fruits. Also it seems like it was very sensitive to the nutrients compared to the others.

2. CDLC - 198g (2 plants) - I was excited to grow this plant and it def did not disappoint. It had plenty of spice and gasoline / fuel smells coming off of it especially during mid flower. my hands would reek. It also gives me extreme munchies and was great for pain. I would def grow it again if I was in need of a great indica.

3. Sour Stomper 195g (2 plants) - I don't really need to speak on how amazing this strain is. Plenty of people have grown it and it remains as a permanent resident in hundreds of grows all over. The grape terpenes are through the roof and it has very light hints of lemon. Great strain to put some sunshine into your life. It grew a really large main cola that almost hit the top of my tent. and out of all the plants it had the most purple coloration. Beautiful plant, amazing smell, Great grape taste, and wonderful to grow. not more can be said that hasn't already been said about this plant. Grow it!

4. Double grape 138g - Another grape strain similar to sour stomper but also quite different. I'm getting way more mature sour grape wine terps than, sour stomper which is more like grape candy mixed with gas and lemon. Growing it was smooth and it had beautiful colors that really stood out in my tent.

5. strawberry nuggets x forum stomper (jd#2 freebie batch version) 126g - This plant had explosive growth off rip.. The terpene profile is through the roof. Perfect for extracts this plant is insanely high in terpenes, oil and resin. Every time I open my Sn x Fs hash oil jar I get blasted with such a wonderful smell of fermented strawberry wine with hints of citrus, and without fail I start to salivate at the sheer delicious smells enchanting my brain. it has the same qualities as strawberry nuggets but with a huge power up boost from the frost monster forum stomper. 10/10 This and Sour stomper are my top two so far.

DTE tent Day 24 8162022.jpg
DTE tent Day 34 8272022.jpg
DTE tent Day 54 9162022 A.jpg
DTE tent Day 84 10162022 A.jpg
DTE tent Day 85 10172022 Drying.jpg
MC tent Day 8 8312022.jpg
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MC tent Day 54 10162022.jpg
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