Sour Stomper

Fun to watch grow, amazing head high. Grown in fox farms ocean forest, cronk bonnie and clyde nutrients.

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Sour Stomper - 70 days from seed to harvest. Early on, around week 5 she started putting off a deep, red grape scent. Later in flower all I can describe it as, is red grapes/floral/earthy all wrapped in to one. Grape up front then that sweet kushy almost floral smell behind it. The smoke was no different, even a dry hit off the joint all I could taste is red grapes. High, I immediately felt to the head. Instant smirk on my face, heavy eyes but still had the urge to clean up a few things before I sat down to write this review. I have only been growing 1 year and this was my most enjoyable grow. I will definitely be adding Sour Stomper to my list to grow again. With how easy she was to grow and how fire she came out I'd be a fool to not keep at least 1 going in the stable every other round or so.
One side note, even with a carbon filter running inside the tent and the window open for air exchange,the I could smell her from outside the grow room in the morning.




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Amazing results even for a beginner
I'm still trying to get things right with my grow. Sour Stomper put up with my over/under watering and other bad practices. I yielded 55 grams from a plant that I stunted with love. My particulr plant reminded me of Thai stick in the structure. One of the two best ones out of a six cultivar trial run. Amazing smoke. Smells like a 1980's Dead show in here.
Emerald Archer
Emerald Archer
Amazing. What size fabric pot is that, 1 Gallon? (2?) at any rate, i commend Ye. Shit looks phenomenally dank.
Amazing indeed. I wish that was my plant in the picture. :worship:

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