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Hi all,

It's been about two months since harvest and both of the gals have cured nicely. Nugs have retained a good size and firmed up remarkably. Aroma in the jar is sharp to the nose with almost a tropical fruit note. Ground, this rounds out to a fermented fruit funkiness that I quite like. The smoke is incredibly smooth but slightly lacking in specific flavors.

Best thing I'm liking about both plants right no is that I haven't experienced any anxiety so far. It's been helpful with sleep and slowing the mind some. Not a med that I'm going out for a hike with but one that will assist with passing an idle afternoon at home.

I yielded six oz from the two plants combined. Just over three from the first cut and just over from the second. Amounts that I'm very pleased with and the quality is tops. I'm typically not finding better from my local, not that I've been by there in the last 6 months. :hump: I've got more than I need and gave about half to a friend who is beyond thrilled to not have to get over priced flower that isn't as good. He is a very picky individual too, so that helps validate the quality to me. His wife tells me it's too strong. That each time she has it she does something stupid. :crying:

The grow itself was a smooth one. These gals took my hard training well creating a good amount of tops. They never went off from either deficiencies or lockouts. They did however not enjoy going to much over 40 DLI with out showing some light stress. The gal I harvested a week later is a little better in my opinion having slightly more scent. And both could have gone longer. The only hiccup the whole grow was when I started another one mid grow in a pot from the potting shed that I didn't sterilize both using. Ended up with fungus gnats for a short while. Mosquito bits took care of that.

I'll definitely be looking back to Sweet Seeds once I have worked through the different seeds I have on hand. Happy to still have a couple of these gals for the future too.

If you're interested in seeing the grow it can be found here.

Sweet Seeds Auto NYC Diesel

Thanks for reading folks :toke::toke::toke: Hope everyone is getting on

@Mossy let me know if I need to do anything else for the CC badge. Thanks! Best, Baba

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