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This review is for four TT genetics I’ve grown: Mulled and Twisted, Nova OG, Twisted Cookies and Alien Moon Rocks. Why the TT obsession? I like their general vibe, prices are decent, dealing direct with the breeder and… Alien Moon Rocks! What a great name for a plant,a must try. As you may know TT has suffered a devastating loss due to fire. Presently, they are not selling seeds but rather rebuilding their business. So, my review will hopefully excite your interest for when they return. (Spoiler alert: I’ll be trying more TT when they do!).

I’ve been trying to refine my grow plan. So, these four strains have mostly received very similar grow conditions.

Mars Hydro 2.3x2.3 x5 tent

TS1000 LED

Inkbird Controller

Vornado Humidifier

Small ceramic heater

BioBizz Lite

BioBizz starter pack nutes


AN Bud Candy (AMR and TC only)

Blackstrap Molasses

19/5 light schedule


The GroBuckets have been perfect for my needs. Depending on the stage the plant is at, they give me two days to a week between watering. This allows me to be away for short periods of time. I’ve also noted the soil remains moist for days after the reservoir runs dry. I’d certainly recommend them if you have similar needs. Excellent root development and it’s impossible to overwater (per manufacturer).

All the plants grew similarly, not too surprising since the conditions were fairly identical. I try to top and train to keep the canopy low and even. Each strain , while similar, had different smell, odor and color characteristics. I’d say they were easy to grow. No real problems were encountered. The Twisted Cookies got off to a slow start, I thought she was either stunted or a mutant, but she rebounded strongly. In the end she was coated with frosty trichomes.

Yield has been good and getting better. MT and Nova both came in at 2.5 oz. , TC produced 2.6, AMR produced a personal best of 90 grams!

All four had unique flavor profiles . I’d give Mulled and Twisted and Twisted Cookies top honors. Your results may vary.

I’m going to pass on trying to characterize the smell and smoking profile of each strain. I tried to compare them side by side but immediately became confused. I’d say it was because I was seriously stoned but I have the same issue when tasting wine. Sensory overload? At any rate, you won’t be disappointed!

I heartily recommend Twisted Tree. There pricing is fair. Quality of genetics is outstanding. Unfortunately, as you may have heard, their facility burnt to the ground with all their seeds. The call went out to try and get some of their seeds back from customers to rebuild their business. I’m sure that TT is growing plants and redeveloping their stock as I write. Hopefully, when they return you will give them a try. I think you will be impressed.


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